How We Work

On-site Resourcing

  • Strategy Bench resources work on-site and at the direction of your management
  • Our primary focus is implementation projects of three months or greater
  • On-site resources are typically charged on a daily rate basis

On-site + Remote Resourcing

  • A combined approach can work effectively where a level of on-site resourcing is required
  • Routine activities and support (e.g. market research, modelling) can be provided remotely
  • Fee structures under this model typically consist of a combination of daily rates and fixed fees

Remote Resourcing

  • Remote resourcing is a good option for research or strategy projects with a clearly defined output or deliverable
  • Projects using remote resourcing are charged on a fixed fee and milestone basis

Full Project Teams

  • Strategy Bench is able to provide full project teams to manage and support a range of strategic or M&A related projects
  • Depending on the project, fee structures may consist of daily rate structures, fixed project and/or partial success based performance fees